Are MLM Genealogy Lead Lists Worth Using?

Every serious marketer is in a constant search for great sources of prospects and direct sale leads . The problem, however, is that there are many different lead generation methods out there, and it's also hard to determine those that work and those that do not. To get more business, some entrepreneurs resort to purchasing MLM Genealogy lead lists. But the question lingers, could it be a total waste of time or is this an excellent method for getting exciting new prospects?

A genealogy list also called a genealogy report, is a database of names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of those who are either active network entrepreneurs or have already been in an MLM opportunity in the past. Some instructors teach that since individuals listed, there are already acquainted with the theory of MLM that getting this kind of list is a good business move.

However, these lists of active network marketers can equally be bad or good. It's great if one acquires it with permission from the lead themselves. When they originally signed up to an opt-in page, site, or direct mail coupon, they should have already been made aware that their contact information will likewise be made accessible to other entrepreneurs. Otherwise, if you immediately contact these "leads" that you purchased, they have the tendency to resist your marketing message because they never manually subscribed to you, to begin with.

The rule of thumb is this: If you decide to buy a genealogy list, make sure you avoid sending unsolicited marketing e-mails to them. You aren't permitted to send a business message to them out cold. Rather, it is possible just to make a call to them or deliver a post card to their house (if you can manage that).

The awful thing about lead lists offered online is that several of them are rehashed, recycled, and resold to hundreds of others before you. Don't get fooled by cheap lists that are being marketed in the black market. They can be a nightmare for the wallet, and they generate very little results.

As opposed to going out of your way to buy MLM genealogy lead lists, choose a more elegant way to run your company and get thrilled prospects. The better way would be to understand the way to generate your own real time sales leads . With their permission, make your own list and market to them regularly. While it may not be simple to go out on your own and acquire new prospects, it's ever rewarding and profitable if you want to establish a flourishing down line and long lasting residual revenue.

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